Mallow College of Further Education

Cork ETB QQI (FETAC) Level 5 & 6 Courses

College Facilities

Student Computer Facilities Mallow College of Further Education offers student access to our state-of the-art computer facilities, complete with high-speed broadband access. The campus also operates a Computer Resource Library where students can avail of computers in their free time. Library A select library for textbooks is also available. Purpose-built Training Facilities Mallow College of Further Education also offers purpose-built facilities including Hairdressing Training Salons, Beauty Therapy Training Salons, Complementary Therapy and Sports Injury treatment rooms, Animal Care Clinic and Grooming rooms, as well as a Sound Engineering Control room and Studio where students can gain and develop practical skills and experience. Student Canteen The campus has its own canteen facilities with hot food and a wide range of snacks… Read More

Canteen Price List

Dinner (Large) €4.00 Tea €1.00 Apple €0.30 Dinner (Small) €3.00 Coffee €1.00 Orange €0.50 Pot Noodle €2.00 Cappucino €1.00 Banana €0.50 Homemade Soup €2.00 Hot Water €0.20 Sausage Rolls €0.60 Yogurt €1.00 Tomato Sauce €0.10 7Up €1.50 Sandwich €3.00 Coke €1.50 Chocolate Bars €1.00 Plain Rolls €0.50 Club Orange €1.50 Health Bars €1.00 Scone €0.60 Water (750ml) €1.50 Purple Snack €0.80 Croissants €0.60 Water (500ml) €2.00 Minstrels €0.80 Jam €0.20 Red Bull €2.00 Taytos €0.80 Butter €0.10 Cans €1.00