Software Development

QQI Level 5 Certificate in Software Development – 5M0529.

Do you have what it takes to bring the next killer app to the world? Work as part of a software development team in a booming industry. Arguably the most complete QQI level 5 programming course on offer, this could be your first line in coding up a new career.

Develop object-oriented software in an opensource and multiplatform environment, using Linux and Windows, with Java and Python – two of the most popular and exciting programming languages. Ensure progression opportunities with QQI Maths for IT – the latest alternative to leaving certificate maths.

The first college in the country to offer QQI courses using Linux and opensource software – giving our students an extra edge with hands-on experience of industry standard Linux system administration from day one. Read more …

In our dedicated computer science facility, use modern Agile technologies and IDEs for developing, testing and publishing your code.

Actively train as Linux system and network administrators in the only fully immersive QQI courses in Linux and opensource programming – giving our learners a unique edge in industry and in progression success.

Uniquely enhance your software portfolio with SQL database, networking and optional electives in hardware and the cutting-edge world of virtualisation.

Progress to CIT or UCC and beyond with a solid year one foundation in computer science and programming.


Courses next start in September. Applications open in January.

Applications are now open, and free. CAO points not required. Grant and Social Welfare funding available. To apply online now for September 2017/18 you will just need to provide two essential pieces of information: your email address and your PPS number. Look for this course under Information Technology.

Contact us at for help and more information.

Career Prospects

  • Database/programming intern. +
  • Independent program/app development. +
  • IT operations technicians. +
  • IT user support technicians. +
  • Programmers and software development professionals. +
  • Software development teamwork. +

Course Contents

  • Database Methods (5N0783) Level 5 QQI.
    • Study the principles of database design and data management with LibreOffice Base and SQL.
  • Fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming (Python) (5N0541) Level 5 QQI.
    • As well as learning Java programming principles, delve into the exciting world of modern object-oriented programming with the latest Python programming language – using the PyCharm IDE. Develop real-world prototype programs using effective software development techniques – command-line and graphical-user-interface.
  • Maths for Information Technology (5N18396) Level 5 QQI.
    • Get to grips with essential maths, binary, and logic for programming, networking, and computer hardware.
  • Networking Essentials (5N0541) Level 5 QQI.
    • Understand the OSI model of computer networking: learn how to setup, test, troubleshoot and manage a complete computer network: Linux and Windows, Windows Server 2016, wired, WiFi, switches, routers, TCP/IP, MAC addresses, IP addresses, Internet.
  • Operating Systems (5N2928) Level 5 QQI.
    • Develop the skills of a Linux systems administrator with Ubuntu Desktop 17.10 and Server 17.10 editions: manage users, hardware, files, software, and security. Install, configure and test dual-boot systems for Windows 10 and Linux Ubuntu. Practice using Oracle VirtualBox virtualisation.
  • Programming and Design Principles (Java) (5N2927) Level 5 QQI.
    • Learn to code and develop your own computer programs and commands in the Java programming language for Linux and Windows – using CodeBlocks IDE. Explore command-line and graphical-user-interface techniques. Practice coding as part of a team.
  • Software Architecture (5N2772) Level 5 QQI.
    • Understand and practice the role of the modern Agile software development manifesto; and techniques such as UML for design modelling, Scrum and Sprint for effective teamwork, and Kanban for project management and development. Practice and develop your skills in your Python object-oriented projects.
  • Teamworking (5N1367) Level 5 QQI.
    • IT students and professionals work closely as part of a team. Explore essential teamworking skills and techniques for collaborative projects.
  • Work Experience (5N1356) Level 5 QQI.
    • Prepare yourself for industry, prepare your CV and LinkedIn profile, practice interview skills, and gain invaluable experience on your own work placement.
  • Optional: Computer Systems Hardware (5N0548) Level 5 QQI.
    • Learn the specifications and functions of the essential building blocks of a modern PC: processor (CPU), memory (RAM), storage disks, input and output devices. Learn to source and price, build and maintain custom specification machines.
  • Optional: Virtualisation Support (5N2434) Level 5 QQI.
    • Develop the essential skills of the modern system administrator in virtualisation (running complete machines simultaneously within the same hardware) alongside your studies in operating systems and hardware. Explore Vmware and Oracle VirtualBox machine virtualisation techniques for desktops and servers.
  • Optional: VMware Cloud Fundamentals (Cloud) VMware.
    • The VMware Cloud Fundamentals course will provide you with a fundamental understanding of VMware’s Cloud products, including the business challenges those products are intended to solve.

Courses are continually developed – content and specific award components are subject to change. See disclaimer.


One year. Full-time.


30 full-time day students will travel, fully-funded, with Erasmus+ in Techniczne Zakłady NaukoweDąbrowa Górnicza, Poland, for 2 weeks from the 12th of February 2018. Find out more and apply.

Entry Requirements

  • CAO points not required.
  • All applicants will be required to attend an interview. An offer of a place on this course is contingent on the applicant meeting the minimum entry requirements set out here, and satisfactory presentation at interview.
  • Leaving Certificate or equivalent. For mature applicants appropriate experience will be considered in lieu of formal qualifications.


Work Experience

Work experience is an integral part of this course. The dates and duration will be specified by the College.


Use your full QQI award to progress to degrees in Computer Science (UCC), Software Development (CIT), Computer Networking (CIT), Games Design & Development (LIT), and Multimedia App Development (WIT). For more links and detailed information on how to use your Mallow College qualification to progress go to

A full QQI award achieves a maximum of 390 points for CAO.


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