Fees & Funding

College Fees

All courses at Mallow College of Further Education are funded through the National Development Plan (NDP) and there are no tuition fees for EU nationals (non-EU students should contact the College for details on eligibility and course fees). However, students are required to pay a student services fee of €250. A deposit of €50 is required to reserve a course place. Failure to pay this deposit may result in the course place being allocated to another applicant.

Students may also be required to pay an annual Government participation fee of €200.

  • However, Full Medical Card holders and those in receipt of the Back to Education Allowance (BTEA) or Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme (VTOS) allowances are exempt from paying this contribution.
  • Students awarded a student maintenance grant will be refunded the Government participation fee subject to proof of receipt of the grant.

Fees for examinations and certification will be outlined by course co-ordinators. Students who are Medical Card holders may be exempt from some state examination fees. Certain courses also carry additional course related costs, further details of these can be found in the relevant course details.

For more information please contact the College on (022)43309 or email info​@mallowcollege.ie.

Payment Plans

Students experiencing financial difficulties are encouraged to talk to us about arranging a regular payment plan. We believe that getting on with Further Education and a new start in life should never be impossible. Your local Credit Union is also on hand with low-cost student financing and advice.

Student Funding Information

Students can avail of funding through either the Student Maintenance Grant scheme or VTOS (Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme) or BTEA (Back to Education Allowance).

Student Maintenance Grant

SusiLogoMeans tested student grants are available to students who are progressing to a QQI Level 5/6 Award or equivalent, and who have not previously studied an award at similar or higher level on the National Framework of Qualifications. The amount of the grant depends on the distance a student travels from their place of residence to the college.

Student Grant applications can be made online only to Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) through www.susi.ie. Applications can be made from May and should be made before starting a course. Further information can be found on www.studentfinance.ie and www.citizensinformation.ie.

Note: BTEA or VTOS recipients are not eligible for the student grant.

Social Welfare Recipients

All Social Welfare recipients are advised to contact their local Social Welfare Office before commencement of a course. This is to get permission to do a course while continuing on their benefits and also to ensure that they get full entitlements.

Note: If you are in receipt of Jobseeker’s Benefit or Jobseeker’s allowance you must transfer to VTOS or BTEA.

1. VTOS – Vocational Training Opportunities Scheme

Applicants over 21 years of age and in receipt of Social Welfare payment for at least 156 days before commencement of course, may apply for VTOS funding.


Students continue to get their full Social Welfare entitlements and are not required to sign on. In addition students may be eligible for:

  • Additional weekly allowance if more than one year on benefit.
  • Meal and travel allowances.
  • Childcare allowance (for children under 5 years) under the CETS scheme.
  • Students are not liable for student services or examination fees.
  • However certain courses may carry additional course related costs.

If you are eligible, fill in a VTOS application form (available from Mallow College reception) and return it with your Course application form to the College. As VTOS places are limited it is advisable to submit an early application. Students who are eligible for VTOS, but who do not secure a VTOS place are advised to apply to their local Social Welfare office for a Back to Education Allowance (BTEA).

2. BTEA – Back to Education Allowance

BTEA is a scheme administered by the Department of Social Welfare. Applicants over 21 years of age and in receipt of certain Social Welfare payments for at least 3 months may apply to their local Social Welfare Office for the Back to Education Allowance.


The BTEA allows students in receipt of certain Social Welfare benefits to retain those payments while attending a full-time day course in the College.

  • Students receive the maximum standard rate of payment which is not means-tested and participants are not required to sign on.
  • A Cost of Education Allowance of €300 is also payable.

Students are liable for their student services fee and certain courses may also carry additional course related costs.


Applications for BTEA must be made prior to starting an approved full-time course but late applications will be accepted up to 30 days after commencement of a course. Please contact your local Social Welfare Office to obtain the BTE1 application form and for full details and advice on eligibility. The BTE1 application form can also be found on www.welfare.ie and should be returned to your local Social Welfare Office.

Further information on all of the above is available on www.studentfinance.ie, www.welfare.ie, or www.citizensinformation.ie.