Exam Regulations

Examinations: Regulations and Notice for Candidates 2016

  1. Candidates are required to be in attendance at least five minutes before the commencement of each examination.
  2. Unless permitted to do so by the Supervisor, candidates (i) will not be admitted to the Examination Room if they are more than five minutes late (ii) will not be allowed to return to the Examination Room having left it.
  3. A valid Student Card or other photographic ID must be displayed for inspection by the Supervisor at each examination.
  4. Candidates are required to enter carefully in the Answer Books the several particulars required. If candidates require anything during the examination, they should call the attention of the Supervisor by raising a hand. Under no circumstances should candidates leave their places unless permitted to do so by the Supervisor.
  5. No candidates shall bring into the Examination Room or have in their possession while in such rooms any materials other than those explicitly permitted for that examination.
  6. Candidates are required to remain silent during the examination.
  7. Mobile phones must be switched off and put on the floor. If a candidate is found to have a mobile phone in his/her possession that is not switched off, it will be confiscated and reported as a breach of examination regulations.
  8. Calculators can only be used in an examination if specified on the examination paper.
  9. No candidates shall take out of the Examination Room any answer book(s) or part of an answer book, whether used or unused, or other supplied material.
  10. In no case may candidates leave an Examination Room unless the Supervisor has collected the candidate’s answer book(s).
  11. No candidates shall aid or attempt to aid other candidates, or obtain or attempt to obtain assistance from other candidates, or communicate in any way with other candidates in the Examination Room.
  12. Cheating means an attempt to benefit oneself, or another, by deceit or fraud or other breach of the examination regulations. Such breaches include impersonation and plagiarism. Plagiarism is the presentation of someone else’s work as your own. When done deliberately, it is cheating, since it is an attempt to claim credit for work not done by you and fails to give credit for the work of others. Plagiarism applies not just to text, but to graphics, tables, formulae, or any representation of ideas in print, electronic or other media. A significant amount of unacknowledged copying shall be deemed to constitute clear evidence of plagiarism.
  13. If any candidate is adjudged by the Examinations Board, to have violated any of the regulations of the examinations, or in any other way to have acted improperly, they will have power to deprive the candidate of their examination, or of any part thereof. In cases of impersonation, the impersonator and the impersonated will be liable to permanent exclusion from the college or any other appropriate penalty.
  14. Any candidate found violating these regulations will be liable to be requested to leave the Examination Room and to have their case reported to the Examinations Board.
  15. Candidates found to be in breach of these regulations by the Examination Board have the right to appeal before the Board.